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Special Transport

We are.

Transportes Cepelludo is a family company located in the North of Spain, founded in 1960, whose area of operations spreads both in the Spanish territory and the international.

We are exclusively dedicated on special weights and dimensions transportation as to great heavy loads public works machinery, sailing boats and motoring, equipments of renewable energies, where over 50 years of experience have been trusted.

Our main customers belong to either the heavy naval industry or public works.

We dispose of a team with an ample experience abroad; our fleet consists of equipped material with last advanced technology through the world transport..

We count on cooperators fully trusted in the whole world, which combined with maritime transport  allow us fast solutions in quite short periods of time within needs at any origin point and destination.

Thanks to our solid market knowledge a satisfactory service shall be guaranteed.

Public Works Machinery.

Transportes Cepelludo counts  on an overall experience in public works machinery transportation, besides adequated equipment to be applied to the various characteristics of any machinery and special authorizations in force which might cover any route within national territories, as well as a great agility on iternational transport procedures thanks to our contacts in different countries.

We also count on a large range of suitable vehicles for deliveries of any type of screening and crushing, as well as steel sheets transport,  allowing us towing when due to their characteristics are required.

As aditional values, our installations with a great  available surface, allow us to offer wherehousing services to our customers.

Sailing Boats.

TRANSPORTE CEPELLUDO counts on a highly specialized department in sailing boats transport, both sailing and motoring, plus a team of professionals with quite many years of experience in the sector..

We offer our services for nautical shows, as Bacelona, Geneva, London, Dusseldorff, etc.

We transport the most famous Regatta in the world, as they are:

  • Copa América
  • Volvo Ocean Race
  • Copa J80
  • Audi MedCup.

We count on good cooperators in a large part of Europe and so do we provide any type of procedures in relation to your sailing boats business.

Engineering and Construction.

Since the beginning of our company professional carrier, we have focused on the efforts to cover our needs in the heavy industry in order to adequate our equipment with such an aim.

At present we are reaching  a maximum capacity of 250 Tons.

Amongst our most important customers we deal with great heavy iron and still industries.

Renewable Energies.


During last years our business have bet on New Technologies and so creating a specialized department about transportation equipment assigned to renewable energies supplies by making a great investment on vehicles for this end.

Currently we are able to set to our clients´disposal sound equipments with special adapters for transportation of eolian nocelles equipments, wind-mil Noote Boom, last generation with a capacity of a maximum load of 100 Tons by ferrule extensible platforms which reach up to 44 metres, etc.

Public Works Machinery

Engineering and Construction

Renewable Energies

Specialized on Sailing Boats Department